TOLES Advanced

This level aims at candidates who ideally have already had some experience of authentic legal English documents in their workplace.
We recommend that candidates should be at least at the FCE (B2+), advanced (C1) or proficiency (C2) level of general English to enroll on a course in our LEC training centre in Poznan.

About the TOLES Advanced exam

suitable for upper-intermediate /advanced legal English students
120-minute online exam
Part One has 6 sections on the use of legal English terminology
Part Two has 6 sections on understanding and accuracy of contractual provisions
there are 140 questions to complete in total
the maximum score is 100
focuses heavily on legal collocations and grammar accuracy
requires the practical skills of contract drafting
tests the knowledge and understanding of the plain English style of writing, formal and informal English is used in a workplace
requires no extensive knowledge of British or American law
candidates should show a strong awareness of commercial realities and knowledge of
current events in the international legal market

The following areas are given the priority:

commercial contracts
bankruptcy and insolvency
the litigation process
essential contract law
the law of tort
intellectual property
real estate
oral contracts
an introduction to the common law
employment law and contracts
letter writing skills


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